Welcome to the Leeds Seed Savers Wiki!

So what is this space all about?

We are a group of Leeds gardeners sharing what knowledge we have about growing various crops/flowers/herbs/plants. This Wiki is here to enable us to collaborate more easily.

We are associated with the Leeds Permaculture Network who meet every month (except Aug and Dec) on the last Tuesday of the month at the Common Place Social Centre near the Corn Exchange in Leeds City Centre. We plan to meet up to swap ideas and seeds at these meetings and also participate in events held by the network such as seed/seedling swaps.

Here are a few ideas about what this site could cover:

Sowing/Planting and Harvest tables for Leeds and surrounding areas:

- Sowing Times by Crop Type
- Sowing Times by Month
- A seasonality chart for Leeds to show what could be eaten from a Leeds garden each month.

More details on specific plants:

- Growing crops/plants in Leeds
- Instructions on how to save seed from certain plants
- Detailed information on different crops and varieties; what performs well and not so well in Leeds?

Seed Swap Area:

- A place to swap seed and plant material with other Leeds gardeners.

Further Information:

- Links for more information.
- Links to recommended suppliers and seed banks.
- Links to other groups in Leeds.
- Related books that we recommend as a group.

If you are new to the site and haven't used a wiki before then have a look at this Introduction page. It will explain how the site works and how to go about joining in and sharing information. Feel free to just look around the site as you would a normal web page, you can do this from any computer that is connected to the internet without having to log in.